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‘You only get one shot at it’

Currently, we’re at a point where we’re rolling out our business internationally, and that makes me anxious. It makes me anxious because you only get one shot at it, so we have to really take advantage of this chance—making the correct decisions. Naturally, we’ll make mistakes, but this is a situation where we can’t say in two years, “Ah, this wasn’t the right approach/strategy. Let’s try a different one and see it that’ll work.” The number of International clients is beginning to grow and we know exactly how we’re rolling out internationally, but we’re at a point where we have to solve problems, and the answers to these problems must be the right ones. If we make the wrong decisions, the consequences could be really bad. So, you see there are options but you doubt which one you should choose. I’ve been talking with my co-founder and investors—I really try to talk about it as much as possible, because a group of people always know more than one. At this point, where we have so many important decisions to make, when I talk to others I can bounce ideas off them and hear what they think, and I can use this process to find out what I have to do, or what the best decision would be. In this process, the ideas I have can also be validated, and I have the feeling that talking things through helps ease some of my doubts.

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