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‘No investor wants to invest in a company where two guys are clashing all the time’

My business partner and I always get into it, over everything. For example, in a business, you first want a proven business case. You want to have a proof that your concept works. And after you have done that, you can expand to other markets. But my partner wanted to do that the other way around. Start in other markets, see what happens. First of all, that is very costly, you need more staff, and it needs more effort to manage it. Now, after 5 or 6 months we realise, ok let’s stay in Holland and from there we move on. So, between us we’ve had some pretty strong conversations—lots of arguing. Trust is very important, “did I make the right decision?” “Did I made the right decision to enter a business with him? Did we develop the right things on the right moment?” That’s anxiety. And also, you have to think about it from an investor’s point of view: no one wants to invest in a company where the two guys are clashing all the time. But there is a positive side to all this conflict because we push each other. He’s better is some areas and I others, and vice versa. So, in the end, he’s good for the business, but I still have to be careful.

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