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‘In the beginning, I was really naïve’

I bought this company form someone else, and I put all my money into it. In the beginning, I was really naïve: I thought I would just get to know the company, you know, slowly get to see how things work, and that things would be okay, in terms of the revenue. But then that took a blow. I was totally surprised that our earnings were decreasing and that customers were asking for our services less. I worried a lot about this, and I found it difficult to think of ways to get things back on track. I was really insecure, and also a bit mad at the previous owner, because I had purchased the customers from them—that’s how they determined how much the company was worth, by looking at the business’ clients. And there we some big companies on their client list, so naturally the price I paid for the company was high. But now I wasn’t making much money off of them, and it keep me up at night. I didn’t really do anything to lessen this anxiety—this was just a situation that was just there. I sent clients emails, we made actions plans on how to meet new customers. I threw myself into networking, I began dirking more. I also talked to other entrepreneurs and although I knew this wouldn’t solve the problem, it felt good just to talk things out.

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