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‘I had a partner whom I went into business with, and one day he just decided to leave’

I had a partner whom I went into business with in 2014, and one day he just decided to leave. We had had a good plan and everything. He didn’t talk to me about the decision, he just up and left—a week before we were about to get things going with another company we were building, around April 2015. What made things worse is that he was integral to the operations—I don’t do that type of stuff, it’s not what I’m good at. I mean, we had people working under us, the agents, but it was just him and me—I had also given him 5% of the shares. This was a really bad partnership. I had to tell everyone that he was just going to leave. This situation was really stressful, I couldn’t meet some of the deals we made, and it’s also like that in terms of clients: some are bound to a certain person, when he goes, they go with him. I couldn’t help but be concerned with what’s going to happen with our clients.

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