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'you don’t have anything until that money is in your bank account'

We signed a contract in the beginning with a company to sell them a prototype we hadn’t produced yet. One of the founders of this company believed in us, we were only a couple of students with a really good idea. He thought, “this could work, so let’s roll the dice,” and because of this, our company very quickly had money to work with. Fast forward a year later, last week we were about to make another deal with the same company, and with the money from this deal we could survive another six months. Now, this founder who was also CEO, two days before we were going to send the contract and the invoice for the funds, he was fired from his own company. What was so horrible for us was that he was the only one there that had faith in us. Now, everything is completely reorganized and there’s not anything there for us anymore. You can’t predict these types of things, we couldn’t have ever predicted this. But that’s also kind of how this works: you don’t have anything until that money is in your bank account, and until then everything is a bit up in the air. This is something that’s constantly in the background; things can go well, you know, but you never know until the money is in the bank.

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