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'they didn’t, in my opinion, see that I was actually really running a company'

My family expects different things than I expect for myself, and it does weigh on me. My father, especially. I have family whom are quite normal and work driven. So, they were really focused on my study. They see entrepreneurship more as a risk and they see I have a lot of job opportunities with my background. They question my choosing to work 70 hours a week for a low salary. As an effect on that I try to be successful. It is one of the drivers to make my company a success and to be recognized. When I hadn’t graduated yet, and my study was not an easy one, my parents just expected me to finish my studies. Spending time on my venture was for them just something on the side. But they didn’t, in my opinion, see that I was actually really running a company. After graduating my level of anxiety dropped regarding family expectations, because then I was free to do whatever I wanted. And over time it started increasing a bit because the business is growing fast, but people don’t see that. People only see that when I get an investment of a million and get in the newspaper. I don’t need to be in the newspaper, but I want people to know what I am doing. So, having some form of recognition would be nice. Recognition in a way that people are aware how difficult it is to run a company. Most people, my family, think I am having fun all day; I am actually working quite hard. Now, I do, though, also get more recognition from my parents because I have that diploma, it is also a bit of social security.

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