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'the anxiety comes in where to focus your attention when you’re advertising'

It’s always a pretty high point of anxiety for me whether or not to pump money into advertising for my clothing making/rental business. What if I spend all this money and then don’t get any clients? In the beginning, for example, I made motorcycle jackets, so naturally I placed ads in motorcycle magazines. I placed an ad in a big motorcycle magazine. Good, right? No, I got nothing from it, however, when I targeted a small magazine specifically for Harley Davidson motorcyclists, it delivered results. So, the anxiety comes in where to focus your attention when you’re advertising. And these days, magazines aren’t even “in,” you have to go to Facebook—that costs money. Here, when we don’t have the right advertisement, with the right text or picture, it’s not going to work. Then you’ve just lost your money. However, there is a positive side to this anxiety because it’s a challenge to figure out who your audience really is, where they are, and how you should engage them.

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