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' At one point I had to invest almost all my personal savings and even that of my children'

Setting up your business is really difficult and hard. Especially with my type of business because you need a rather big sum of money to get started and keep it going. At one point I had to invest almost all my personal savings and even that of my children, and that caused a lot of stress and doubt. I began drinking and eating a lot—it’s what I do when something brings a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. But of course, it’s only a short-term reliever—in the end it doesn’t really help. Anyway, when I had to invest my money and my kids’, I felt like I walked next to a cliff and could see the bottom. People said that I wasn’t doing the right things, making the right choices, but I managed to keep my head above water and take care of things. This was extremely stressful, all the uncertainty involved in running out of money and also the possibility of losing your employees—this is a big fear for a startup. However, I think this kind of anxiety can be useful because it makes you more alter about certain opportunities, and more innovative and smart. For example, you can structure deals a few days after when they are officially closed so they fall into the next tax quarter, or delay certain payments—diversifying cash flow—or make smart savings or combine certain tools. Without my worries about running out of money I would not be so innovative. To say it entrepreneurial terms, it made me think more ‘lean’.

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