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'When I finally shut it down, I fell into depression for six months'

I built a search machine for the Middle East, and it was fantastic—it could have been the biggest search machine in that area of the world. But it failed, and it was all my fault. It’s been my biggest failure. I created something amazing, it’s worked really well, it reached millions of people. I made the wrong choices and made the wrong decisions, and I also was too lax about the whole thing. When I finally shut it down, I fell into depression for six months—that failure really affected me personally. So much so that when this current funding hadn’t come through yet, I felt so much pressure because it was my personal responsibility to see that it did. It came through, though, so the pressure eased up, but if it hadn’t and I’d have let down the people I work with, that would have been all my fault—I’d feel it personally.

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