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'It'd be really bad if I failed as an entrepreneur and my employees became the victims'

If the market for the educational services we provide becomes saturated to a point where we become irrelevant, the first concern in my mind is, “what are my employees going to do?”. I mean, I don’t have a problem with shutting the business down. Financially, it’ll be okay, but I’m really concerned about that question: “what are my employees going to do?” that’s extremely difficult for me. Particularly because they’re all so good at what they do. It also would be a shame because I like working with them, so in that case, I’d try to see if I could find something we could work on together. People put so much time into this business, and of course they’re paid for it, and yea, they could also go find work elsewhere—I’d be super happy for them. But I wouldn’t be anything without them, so it would be really bad if I failed as an entrepreneur and they became the victims.

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