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'It would be nice to have the financial stability where I could just focus on building my dream.

I’m in the startup phase with my company, and what’s causing a lot of anxiety is this: “Am I going to find investors that believe my concept, so that my company can continue to grow?”. Another thing that’s causing a lot of tension is: “Can I give my business the attention it demands?, because in the beginning phase you’re busy worrying about whether you’ll get money to pay the bills and where you’re going to get money to pay your mortgage and, you know, also eat. So, on the one had you’re giving out a lot of money and you’re not making a lot, and on the other you still want to focus on actually building the company you just started. You want to focus more on building the company and just not paying bills. Yea, thinking about this I’ve had a few sleepless nights. It would be nice to have the financial stability where I could just focus on building my dream, this company is my kid, actually, and I’m chipping away at my own saving to start this company. For example, until November, I’d been working freelance on projects, although I began my new business in April of last year, but until November I was also freelancing and trying to get this business up-and-running at the same time. Then, I told all my clients that I was going to go focus on my new business, and that also meant I was spending all of my savings. Now, I only have one client, for about 10 hours a week and that doesn’t even pay for food. I’m prepared to spend my savings, and entrepreneurship is always a bit of a risk, and I’m prepared to deal with it. But this risk brings a lot of tension and anxiety with it.

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