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'Because he went into business with me, he didn't finish his Masters degree, and I'm par

Before we began our business and opened our first store, we both wanted to do it but he had way more reservations than I did. So, what I did was just convince him to leap and do it. However, because he went into business with me, he didn’t finish his Masters degree, and I’m partly responsible for that—my decisions to just leap in and do this meant there were a lot of consequences for him. When we brought on employees I just leapt into that, too, because it’s what we needed to do to grow, and I saw that for him this was a really difficult decision to make, and I also felt responsible, because I wanted it to be the right decision. If he’s stressed out about things, it’s also partly my responsibility, so when decisions are made I think, “Ah, what we just did has consequences for his life,” and this reminds me that I just don’t have myself to be concerned about and then I think, “I also need to think about what’s going on with him.” Our different styles cause a lot of stress, and the way I’ve been dealing with it is just talking to him about what’s going on. You have to make yourself vulnerable and say, “Yea, sometimes the choices I make aren’t that good,” and that’s why it’s also good for us to think about things together, look at the consequences, and that’s what I can learn from him.

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