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'I'm not going invest in this place then turn around and have no clients'

I’m scared to lose everything. I can work with what I have now, but I want to buy new products and buy some things that my salon needs. This doesn’t scare me, but what does is the financial crisis in this country—everything’s falling to pieces. If I want to get something for the shop, it’s out of my own pocket, and I don’t know if it’s going to be worth it. I’ve lost a bunch of my clients due to the crisis here. I really want to change the look of the place, so I can start to attract more people, but I’m really afraid that I’ll lose my money—I'm not going invest in this place then turn around and have no clients. Like I said, the economic situation here is horrible. For example, I have to pay my rent for this space in USD—and the exchange rates are terribly high. This means I raise my prices in the local currency, which makes me scared to lose even more clients. I’m paying more but getting much less.

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