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'I wanted to fix everything really fast'

I totally identify with my company. It was my dream for a long time to be self-employed. It works quite well, but a few months ago I had this low. I got really twitchy, because liquidity wasn’t as good as planned. I got really hectic in my ways of working. I wanted to fix everything really fast. That always happens when I get nervous. I start numerous things without proper planning. I just want to do something, but then I also make mistakes. Afterwards I notice that it lacks quality and that I just did it because I felt driven. In these moments I try to analyze what is happening with me. I need to put on the breaks and get some distance to the whole problem. I try to get a bird’s eye view and then I notice that it is just a small problem around a lot of other things that work out well. In this particular situation, I sat down and thought about, where my anxiety comes from. I noticed that I could have done more. I could have put more effort in it! I thought about options and alternatives, about what I could do to solve the problem. What really helps me then are my social surroundings. I need that contact with others who know me well and see that I’m not doing great the moment. They give me feedback and bring me back to the right track. Those people can be friends or other entrepreneurs that lived through similar situations and just really know me well.

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