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'You have to survive somehow'

At the moment I am working on a new idea that is still coaching, but as I live on a farm I also want to combine it with the farm or tough life. For me, the biggest component of anxiety is the point where you run out of money. It is not being anxious that what I am doing is not going to work, but is it going to be enough money that I can live of it. You do it for a moment and then you see, "I have to pay the government and I need to do an investment and I don’t have enough money for that". You have to survive somehow. First of all, this anxiety puts me done for a day or two, a week or even a month. It just stresses me out. It won’t make me think straight. As long as I am anxious about money or making the month, I’ll keep on doing what I do, but it misses some motivation and some sharpness. Then there is always the pressure to find something. It is my business to be really down to earth to make the connection. If I’m stressed, I am tied up and unreachable. People just see straight through you and see that you’re anxious. Then they decide for somebody else. After a while, you realize that live goes on and you have to do something about it. I think the main idea or feeling is that I’ll figure something out. If it’s true that I’m not earning any money, I have to figure something out or I have to find another job for a while or live on the street. That’s why you start as an entrepreneur; you believe that you can fix it. I’ll be telling my girlfriend all day, I don’t know how to fix this or how am I going to fix this? And I try to get control over the situation. Then you can see if you can give yourself some space. You try to figure out if it is going to work or not. Sports work as well. So, I’ll run or do anything. Especially, I don’t stop with the nice stuff I wanted to do.

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