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I felt as if I let my co-founder down

The thing is that you can never be certain of what you are doing. I mean, you have an idea and you rationally think this idea can be this way and there is an 80 percent chance that it will succeed. But you will never know. And then there are always things that come on the way that you haven’t predicted, even simple things. For example, we had to integrate a payment system. Usually, within 15 business days your application will be ready and you will receive an confirmation that you can integrate the payment within your website. The thing is that we planned our launch and everything according to that. We even had about three weeks spared in case something would happen. It was quite a challenge because the thing took more time than expected. Instead of 15 days, it took almost a month. Until the last moment, we even considered that, if this application is not confirmed within two days, we have to cancel our clients or at least postpone. That is very bad, because your reputation and your relations might be harmed. You could also lose your clients. That was a big anxiety! I was worried that especially my co-founder would feel bad. I felt responsible as if this is my fault, although it is not. I just felt as if I let her down. For me personally, I was just thinking, if it doesn’t work that way it is not meant to work that way, maybe it is meant to work another way. But it is meant to work in some way!

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