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There is just so much on your mind


Our startup is right before its launch. We had problems about trying to see whether we can turn it profitable and what the duration would be to do that, whether it is a good idea, whether it is the right industry, you know. All these thoughts go through your head at some point. It is not one single thought. It is like you question everything at some point. There have definitely been times in the past, where we were like: where is this going? Do we have the right tools or resources to grow it? These times come back now and then. Then it is really hard to fall asleep. There is just so much on your mind. I keep a lot of that stuff to myself. I am really in my head busy then at night. That is the more negative and anxious time. I don’t really talk about it openly too much, about the feelings that I have. Not on purpose, because I don’t want to talk about it, it is just like that I prefer not to talk about it. When I have all the feelings, I’m thinking in my head about the solutions, about solving the problems. I had a lot of times, where even when you are not at work, your mind is constantly still at work. So, it is one of the things you really have to learn as an entrepreneur just trying to live at the present. So, if you are at work, think about work, when you are at home, think about personal relationships or whatever. You know, what I had in the past was that you are at home with your girlfriend and your mind is not there. And you notice that in your relationship, of course. What I do usually, I am very much focused at work, but when I am not at work, I’m not really working. Then I think, yeah, I go drinking quite a lot. That is also not a good way. I think it’s partly a good way to deal with it, not the drinking, but being around friends. I think I like to watch a lot of TV shows. That really helps me to relax; it puts your mind of stuff. On Saturday, sometimes I work on the weekend as well, but I always like to brunch and read the newspaper. That is kind of my relaxing routine.

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