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Failure anxiety is a thing that happens every morning before I start


At the moment, I am still developing what is really my product. I want do develop a new concept and expand what I do now. Basically, I am an artist. So, I have all the advantages of being an artist, but also in business the disadvantages. Sometimes I really don’t know where to start with putting my product in the market. It is really not my strongest point. For me, failure anxiety is a thing that happens every morning before I start. And I have to get through that. Actually, it became a routine now. That really helps. I know in the morning, I have this fright, I am scared of not being good enough, not making it, whatever. I have this voice in my head telling me that I should just not start doing something, then I am safe, then I can’t fail. Because I kind of know now that is going to happen, it takes an hour of doing stupid things like the laundry, dishes or whatever, things I don’t really have to do. While I actually could have started. But I know that it is that hour I have to get through. That really helps, because it is just knowing, okay, that it is a point of a day that is really strange, but I am scared now, and the only thing I have to do is to get started. A few years ago, I might have done some sports, go for a run or anything, but then I had a bit of a collapse two years ago and I noticed that I actively have to deal with things. Kind of reflect on my fears or thoughts. What I discovered that really helps is to write things down. I sometimes do that and yeah, I think I should do that more often. It’s just, when this little voice is in your head, you stay unaware of the actual things. When I write it down, I see, okay, it is completely silly, what I am afraid of. Oh, just little things. It helps me to get a perspective and to calm down. I also read some books that tell you how to deal with that kind of thoughts, how to write them down. You can actually do it in a systematic way, something to sort your thoughts. That really helps. I think I need some reflection and actually understand, what I am afraid of and what is going around in my head. Not just to ignore it and try to continue.

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