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'Everything went around in my mind'


I saw a gap in the online market and thought, why not to do something about it? I got a good partner and developers and we started working on it. Everything worked out well. Then, the big shock. I constantly had a feeling that someone was going to do it before us. It is impossible that this thing does not exist yet. So, I always had the feeling that somebody is just doing it and just shows up. Which happened. Another company launched about one month ago. I felt really discouraged and my motivation went down immediately. First thing that happened was stress. Just stress. Everything went around in my mind: what should we do, is my crew in danger, should I have predicted it? You cannot just fail. So you think, think and think. And then I talked. I called my co-founder and said, bad news. We have competition and they just launched. Good news is that their platform is just average. They don’t know what they do. We know exactly what we do. What I had to do, I had to try to lift myself up and I had to be a leader and pick my team up again. Still, you are not the same as before. You have a pressure in your head. You notice that you are not innovative anymore; you are not the only one. Still, it is not the end of the world. Basically, you have to believe in your idea, because then you work better. The best option is just get a break from everything. Don’t think about it, get some distance, then after a few days you can come back.

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