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I promise way too much

I always set goals that I know I can just barely meet, so when I’ve already set the goal and made promises to people I just need to make sure it happens. I need to work really hard to make it happen. I promise way too much, is that because I think I won’t make it? That’s not why I work really hard actually. I don’t think its because of the anxiety that I work 100 hours a week, its just because I promise things too fast and that is because of anxiety. I feel anxious that if we don’t do it fast enough somebody else will do it, or we’ll be completely irrelevant, or we’ll just not make it. I actually think I’m not that good yet at putting the anxiety that I sometimes feel into more actionable steps. Which is something I think that you actually need to do but I’m not that good at it yet. When I feel anxious, for example that I know we need to leave our office in three months, I’m not already putting all the right actions in to place.

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