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‘okay now you’re on your own’

When I started my company I really felt it had potential and she really did as well. We had some talks about whether we could do a startup together. We were already working on the project part time together and we both thought it could go somewhere. But then she decided to travel and then eventually started working somewhere else. That was very actually very tough for me because I just like working together with people and then it felt suddenly that ‘okay now you’re on your own’. It felt like somebody sort of stabbed you. It wasn’t nice. Suddenly, you have to do it on your own. Its also, looking at this objectively, it’s not a good way to start a startup. It’s always better to have more people. And it also has a big impact on what you do and on the rest of the project. That was tough, but I thought I still want to do it.

#loneliness #soloentrepreneur

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