The concept of anxiety...



"Anxiety is the diziness of freedom."



- Søren Kierkegaard



3 out of 4 entrepreneurs experience founder's anxiety


Founder's anxiety is the part of entrepreneurship that few entrepreneurs talk about. It comes from worries about money, family and friends questioning your choices, working longer hours, and fulfilling many roles. This is the unsexy side of entrepreneurship: the loneliness, the doubt, and post-launch blues. 


The Entrepreneurship Blues Project seeks to provide an alternative commentary on the stories we tell ourselves about entrepreneurship: the heroic individual, the ingenious innovator, or the headstrong champion.   

Participants are serial entrepreneurs, first timers, young and old, high-tech and low-tech from anywhere in the world. Their stories are of the everyday reality of being an entrepreneur -  the humbling meeting, the loss of a team member, the rejection by investors.


These stories provide a balanced view of entrepreneurship, shining a realistic light on its emotional toll. We encourage participants to tell their stories about founder's anxiety and offer advice to others to overcome it. 



Participants in the Entrepreneurship Blues Project tell stories of their founder's anxiety and how they cope with such feelings.



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